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Mounting and Mapping Windows Shares

by Hanz Makmur – Jul 20, 2015

If your computer IP is allowed to connect, below are steps to follow to mount Network Shares available on LCSRServer or for machines that are not part of domain.

Important: You are required to have a special “Windows Domain” account to login.

Follow these steps below to start. Note: Pictures shows mounting a resource named: “lcsr-dcis”.


  • Click Computer icon on the left to enable Map network Drive option.
  • Click on Map network Drive and a window below will open.


  • Select a drive option. L is selected in the picture.
  • To mount a share named lcsr-dcis, Enter Folder name: \\\lcsr-dcis
  • To mount your Unix/Linux home directory, Enter Folder name: \\\your_netid.
  • Check the check box [x] Reconnect at Logon if you want it to be connected again on your next login
  • Check the check box [x] Connect using different credential to login under domain credential.
  • Click finish and a window below will open to ask for your credential


  • Make sure you enter:\your_netid. Don’t forget to swap “your_netid” with your actual netid.
  • Enter your password. Note: this is not necessarily your university password.
  • Click “[X] Remember my credentials. if you like to do so.
  • Click OK to finish.

    If your credentials are correct and your machine is authorized to access this network share, a window will open and it is mapped into your computer s part of another mounted drive.

    If you have questions and problem, let me know.