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Department of Computer Science

Technical Services and Support

Keys and Keycard

Obtaining Keys and Keycard Access

Keys can be obtained from 10AM to 5PM Monday to Friday. Keycard access and problems can be reported any time via CS HelpDesk.


To obtain a key to a CS office you need:

  • authorization from Graduate Secretary
  • RU ID card

Keys can be picked up or returned during the day by stopping by one of the following offices or contacting one of the listed people – be sure to bring your ID. If you need assistance.

Rob TothCore 230848-445-2260
Rick CrispinCore 227848-445-3883
Graduate SecretaryHill 302848-445-7065

There is no charge for keys. We expect keys to be returned when they are no longer needed.

KeyCard Access

To obtain a keycard access to CS research labs you need:

  • authorization from a member of the faculty or staff
  • your RU ID card

Request to issue or update an individual card will usually be completed within one business day.

Requests to grant access to an entire class

All CS registered students will be given access to the iLabs for 1 year, automatically renewed each year. As long as you are registered for a CS class, you will have access. If for some reason your card does not work, let us know and include your full name as it appears on your ID card and your NetID.

Scheduled times for specific doors to be open

Requests for door to be unlocked at specific times should be sent to CS Helpdesk. Be sure to include the times and doors in the request.

To electronically revise access privileges to an existing card you need to identify the card and have a faculty or staff member authorize the change. To identify your card swipe it 3 times in succession on any door. When making your request be sure to include the door number at which it was swiped and the date and time.

Reporting Problems

Who to contact

Unscheduled system failure affecting more than one keycard or more than one door should be reported by sending email to Reports to this email will be handled as an emergency and responded to as quickly as possible. Please do not use this email to report problems with individual cards or keys.

If you are locked out of a room during normal business hours due to a lost or missing keycard or key, you may stop by one of the following offices or contact one of the following people. If your are locked out after hours, you will need to wait until the following business day to gain access.

Rob TothCore 230848-445-2260
Rick CrispinCore 227848-445-3883

Information to include in a report

The following information helps diagnose and correct problems. When reporting a problem please include as much of the following as possible. Before reporting a problem please swipe at least three times with a five second pause between swipes.

  • The time and door where the problem occurred
  • The status of the lights on the reader before swiping. In normal operations when the door is locked, the green light is on and the red light is off. When a door has been scheduled to be unlocked the green light should blink.
  • The status of the lights after swiping. If the red light comes on the system has read your card and determined access should be denied. When the system allows access the green light will blink.

The following are some common failure modes.

  • No lights on the reader before swiping
  • Green light lit before swiping, green light blinks after swiping, door does not unlock.
  • Door is always unlocked (green light may be lit or not).
  • Lock continually makes load noise or makes load noise when unlocking
Providing Effective Access while Maintaining Security

Keys to swipe carded rooms are special security keys and cannot be issued to faculty, staff, or students.

In the event of an unscheduled system failure, staff will be able to unlock doors and provide access to labs. If you need a door unlocked during such a failure please contact the operational staff by calling 848-445-2443.

It is strongly recommend that labs not manage their own keys but this can be arranged with the permission of the Department Chair. For lab to manage its own keys it must assume all lock and key costs and maintain records of what keys have been issued to whom.

For help with our systems or If you need immediate assistant, visit LCSR Operator at CoRE 235 or call 848-445-2443. Otherwise, see CS HelpDesk. Don’t forget to include your NetID along with descriptions of your problem.