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Department of Computer Science

Technical Services and Support

Student Systems

There are 2 different group of Student systems, they are part of iLab cluster and is described as follow:

1.General Student Systems 
Student systems a.k.a. iLab systems are the main general computing resource for courses, student projects and faculty sponsored users. These systems are available to students, faculty, and staff.
  • If you are accessing the systems from home, please connect to That will give you one of three large servers, iLab1, iLab2, iLab3 and iLab4 . We also have six medium size servers iLabU1, iLabU2, iLabU3, iLabU4, cray1.cs and atlas.cs and many other iLab machines distributed in offices at Hill and CoRE.
  • The large servers known as iLab.cs have 8 Nvidia 1080Ti GPUs each, although during the academic year, each user is typically limited to 4 GPUs.  We also run Jupyterhub, a web programming interface for Python and Scala.
  • If you want to use a system in person, we have desktop systems, Instructional Labs Systems, in Hill 120, Hill 248 and Hill 252
  • For more details, see  specifications and status of these machines.
2. Graduate Systems

Graduate student offices are part of iLab cluster and primarily used as a desktop system for the office.

For significant work, grad students should probably use the main iLab server machines, described above.

Ph.D. students may request limited individual VMs for special project, if necessary, this vm could last as long as they are enrolled in the program. We normally use Ubuntu. The VM is limited in CPU and Memory and not meant for computing. Send requests to

Note that iLab systems are workstations with monitor, but they are sometimes used by people connecting to them remotely. Please don’t turn them off or reboot them, since that will interfere with other people using them remotely.

IMPORTANT: You must have an account on CS Linux systems before you can use iLab machine. See Getting Started page for more details about using our resources.

Unless noted, our servers and desktop systems have the same basic software, the Ubuntu 18.04 Linux Operating Systems. All machines are accessible remotely via SSH client like ssh command on MacOS and Linux or Bitvise Client on Windows. (See Video tutorial or SSH HowTo), X2GO and Windows Remote Desktop or come to one of the rooms in Hill48, Hill 252 or Hill 254.

For more details, see  specifications and status of these machines. Please be aware that these machines have preset limitations to prevent abuse and runaway processes. 

For specific instructions a variety of topics, including accounts on the system and how to use various programming languages there, see the

Account Cleanup

Your iLab account are normally deactivated when you are no longer affiliated with Computer Science or no longer taking any CS classes. Normally account deactivation is done about 4 months or a semester after. For graduated CS Major, we normally send a warning to your official university address  to warn you about account deactivation.