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Department of Computer Science

Technical Services and Support

Major Software Collections

This page describes  how to list of major software we have installed on our machines. If there are missing software needed for your class and/or research, please let us know, please send a request a few weeks before the start of the semester to allow time for installation and testing.
Installed Software on CS Linux System

The supported software packages across all these clusters includes various languages; including Java, Python, PERL, Prolog, Lisp, Scheme, Eiffel, C, C++, and Fortran, as well as specialized tools for specific research areas, e.g. Mathematica, Matlab, Maple (Mathematical analysis packages), CPLEX (nonlinear optimization), R (statistics), Eclipse (software development), as well as document preparation tools such as TeX, LATex, OpenOffice, MS-Office, and Acrobat.

    • For a complete detail list of installed software on our Linux Machines, run the following command in a command line shell,
      CentOS Systems:  yum list installed
      Ubuntu Systems:apt list --installed
    • To use Python in CS deparment,  follow: Using Python on CS Linux Machine. For a list of installed python modules on our Linux Machines, run the following command in specific activated python enviroment.
        Python: pip list
    • For a complete detail list of installed perl modules on our Linux machines, run the following command in a command line shell
      List version of perl installed: corelist -v
      List of modules for version v5.17.5: corelist -v v5.17.5
Site Licensed Software available
  • Microsoft Office Suite for every Faculty and Staff
    Every faculty/staff is eligible for  5 free license of Microsoft Office that can be installed on any personally own computers. You can obtain this software by logging into,  clicking the [Office 365] logo and then clicking [install Office] link at the top right corner of the window.
  • Rutgers Site Licensed Software
    A Collection of Rutgers Site Licensed software. Some are free some requires payment. This contains major packages from vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, etc. It includes all software for which Rutgers either has a site license or has negotiated special pricing. Please check this site first before purchasing your software license.
  • Rutgers Faculty, TA, GA, PTL and Staff with Rutgers Connect account are eligible for 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, and  free license of  Microsoft Office that can be installed on his/her office or personal computer as part of Rutgers Connect email account.
Local Software Repositories
  • Linux mirror (RU Only)
    Local Mirror of Linux at Rutgers University maintained by Rutgers Open System Support

For help with our systems or If you need immediate assistant, visit LCSR Operator at CoRE 235 or call 848-445-2443. Otherwise, see CS HelpDesk. Don’t forget to include your NetID along with descriptions of your problem.