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Department of Computer Science

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Public Printers & Tips

List of Computer Science Semi Private Printers.

core3HP LaserJet M6091536MBCore 302b/w laser
core3cHP Color LaserJet M6523072 MBCore 302color laser
core3copierRicoh MP C6004ex Core 302color laser/copier
HP LaserJet Pro M501dn
256 MBHill2 Annex Hill 252black&white laser. This is controlled  by University Print Management 
hill3Ricoh Aficio MP 7500 Hill 381b/w copier/laser
hill3cHP Color LaserJet M6523072MBHill 381color laser
hill4HP LaserJet Pro M501dn256 MBHill 421black&white laser
artisanHP DesignJet Z9 44 ps384-512MBCore 302color Inkjet & poster
cbim_printer_2HP 4100 Series256 MBCBIM Rm#1black&white laser

Printing a book is an abuse of resources.
It is NOT allowed on any of our printers!
Do not abuse any of our resources!

When printing your exams, don’t tie up the printer.
Please print one, photocopy the rest!
The photocopier is MUCH faster 

Access to the room requires your Rutgers ID card. All CS Faculty/Staff and Graduate students have access to the Core and Hill printer rooms. See Keys and Keycards page to get access.

More Printers and Queues Status 

Printing Restrictions
  • Except for Hill2 printer, to get your print out you need keycard access to the room where the printer is located.
  • There is a limit of 150 pages that can be printed in 24 hours per user for color printers and 300 pages for black/white printer except for Hill 2 and Artisan.
  • Hill2 is a Print and Release printer. See note on Hill2 below for more info.
  • Artisan is limited to 1 page every 30 minutes per user.
    Please use the copier in Hill 381 to make multiple copies beyond your daily limit.
Using Public Printer for iLabs at Hill 2nd floor
  • Hill2 is the only publicly accessible printer. The rest of the printers are for CS Faculty/Staff Use only located in rooms which require special access.
  • Job sent to Hill2 does not get immediately printed — print job must be released by the owner by swiping your RUID card to the card reader next to the printer and issuing command to release.
  • Any jobs not released after 20 minutes get deleted automatically.
  • Printing to ‘hill2‘ will count towards your printing quota governed by University computing labs printing rules (the ‘printgreen‘ printing conservation program) as described in
  • Issues with printing quota/funding problems — see
  • The hill2 printer is maintained by CS department, if you have any problems with actual printing, including the printer being out of paper or toner, please see staff on duty in CAVE  or let us know.
  • Any job printed to this printer must have your NetID as owner. This is not an issue if you print from any iLab computers (where you would be already logged in with your netid.) However, if you want to print to hill2 from a laptop, you will need to set your NetID as your laptop username name — or you will not be able to release the job.
  • Please visit the printgreen website for additional information/rules/adding funds/FAQ related to the rules on this printer.
Tips for successful Printing
  • We only support Postcript Driver. Always download Postscript driver!
  •  Generic usernames like administrator, anonymous, guest, nobody, root, user are NOT allowed to print to our printserver.
  •  Single sided printing does not work when printing from SunOS or machine with LPRng. Single sided printing works with WindowsOS or MacOS if single sided option is selected on the driver prior to printing. On printers capable of duplex printing, default is always Duplex printing.

On a Linux shell, you can print in single sided, using the following command:
lpr -Pprintername -o sides=one-sided filename

  • There are a lot options you can set with CUPS driver. See CUPS printing options for further details. CUPS options do not work with SunOS machines.
  • Please note once a job is sent from your computer to the print server, you can’t remove/cancel the job. You can check the status of the job via If you must cancel a job, please call the operator on duty at 848-445-2443 to cancel the job.
  • For driver setup, see: Printing to CS Printers from WindowsMacOS X, and Linux Operating Systems.
  • Banner page by default, will print on every print job except for the poster printer. 
  • If you are planning to print to other than ‘letter’ size paper, see Paper size Guide.
  • If a printer driver for any of our printer is not available on your computer, select the closest available model to our printer. Otherwise, use Generic Postscript Printer driver.
Poster Printing

artisan, is a poster printer. It requires special setup. Please read instruction on How to Print Posters to Artisan before printing to it. Artisan, our poster printer has 36 inches wide roll paper. Default paper size on a document and printer driver in the United States is ‘Letter’ size (8.5×11 inches).

If you need a MacOS driver, you can get it from HP DesignJet Z9 website. Windows10 Notes: Due to  a known issue, current Windows10 driver for DesignJet Z9 is not compatible with lpr printing. Please use DesignJet Z3200 PS driver instead.

Important: Most common user mistakes in printing poster is forgetting to set the right paper size in 2 places before printing. You must set both paper size to the right size for
1. Document Page Setup – so the document will print in the size you want.
2. Printer Driver – so it knows what papersize is installed on the printer.
3. Due to a bug on the driver which fails to detect paper type, you may have to release the print job personally on the poster printer or nothing gets printed.

The best way to print poster is to print to PDF first. The PDF will give you a preview of what will be printed on the printer. When your PDF proof is ready, print the PDF file to the poster printer. Don’t forget to check the paper size set on your printer driver before printing your poster.

If you need a freeware PDF writer for Windows, see BullZip, MacOS has built in ability to print to PDF.

For help with our systems or If you need immediate assistant, visit LCSR Operator at CoRE 235 or call 848-445-2443. Otherwise, see CS HelpDesk. Don’t forget to include your NetID along with descriptions of your problem.