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Printing on Windows

Printing to CS printers on WindowsOS 

by: Hanz Makmur

To print on a WindowsOS, a printer must be setup for each printer you want to print to.
About CS Printing System
In CS Department, our printing systems have the following features.
    • All print jobs must go thru a printserver known as
    • Jobs can be printed only from inside RUNet or using VPN.
    • Jobs must be printed using Postscript driver.
    • All our printers are accessible to everyone who have access to the room the printer is located in.

Below are steps on how to prepare your computer to print to CS printers. Important, to setup a new printer,  your computer must be connected inside RUNet, RUWireless Secure or using University VPN., 

Step 1. Install Postscript drivers on your Windows OS.

Postscript driver is not installed by default. If you have not done so, please follow Installing Universal Postscript Driver on WindowsOS

Step 2. Setup printer queue(s).

There are 2 supported methods to print from WindowsOS that the printserver will accept. You may pick either method.

Step 3. Print Test Page
Except for the poster printer, artisan, after setting up your printer driver, please send 1 simple test page to the printer to make sure your setup is correct before sending a large job.
Step 4. Check your print jobs
To check if your print job is printed, make sure the jobs have left your computer local print queue.  Once it left your computer, open a browser to

For more info see list of Computer Science Public Printers page.

For help with our systems or If you need immediate assistant, visit LCSR Operator at CoRE 235 or call 848-445-2443. Otherwise, see CS HelpDesk. Don’t forget to include your NetID along with descriptions of your problem.