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CoRE 301 Video Control

Quick Guide to Video Control Console in Core A

by Hanz Makmur • March 2018

Core 301 (a.k.a CoRE A) is equipped with a computer, a projector, and 2 TVs. You may use the podium computer to display your presentation or use your own laptop.

Using Core A Equipment for Presentation

On the podium computer, there is a simple Video Control Console App you can use to select a video source.   To use the AV system in the room, follow these 4 easy steps below:

  1.  Turn on the projector and 2 TVs in the room. You will need to press the power button on the buttom-right side of each TV and press the power button on the projector Remote.
  2.  Select your Video input using the Video Control Console by following instruction below.
  3.  Turn on Public Session for Virtual Attendance if you want people to attend your session remotely. See Instruction below about Using Video Control Console  below.
  4.  Turn on monitor at the back room and the speakers attached to the TVs  if you want virtual attendees  to ask questions

Using Video Control Console:

1. Click on [Podium] button if you want to display Podium screen on the projector and TVs in the room

2. Click [Laptop] button if you want to display your laptop screen and plug your laptop video out to the HDMI cable.  You can find this HDMI cable show on the right near the podium or on the floor.  If you are using your own laptop computer and have no HDMI connector, there are all kind of adaptors available in a box by the podium shelf.  Please use one of these adaptors to display. Don’t forget to return the adapter back in the box once you finished using it.

3. To control or check the status of Virtual attendance session, click on [Virtual Attendance ON/OFF] button. This will open a window on Google Chrome as shown below.

4. Set  Public Session to Live to turn it on.  This by default, this session will last 2 hours from the time it is started. Once set, you may quit Google Chrome or close  the window if you like. Remote attendees can access the Public Session and ask question via Hangout Virtual Attendance Center.

Note: At the end of your presentation, don’t forget to turn off what ever devices you turned on.

If you need immediate assistant, please go to Core 230, Core 211 or call 5-7056.  Otherwise, please send email to: