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Department of Computer Science

Technical Services and Support

Bandwidth Testing



A server-side program for measuring end-to-end bandwidth between a client and our bandwidth-measuring server has been installed inside the CS network. When used from a client in the CS network (e.g., desktop, LAWN wireless, or any CS server) the bandwidth reported is dependent only on services operated by LCSR. When used from a client outside of the CS network (e.g., a home machine, a desktop in another department or another university) the bandwidth reported is dependent on the network services supporting the full end-to-end connection path including Rutgers RUNet and possibly some generic ISP services.



If you are experiencing poor response time, please connect to and measure the bandwidth to your client. Report the problem to being sure to include the following

  • date and time of the test
  • the client (e.g., name or IP) from which the test was run
  • the upload and download speeds reported in Mbps
  • the type of connection (i.e., wired or wireless)