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Printing on Mac OSX

Setting Up Printer Queue on MacOS X 10.x Operating Systems

by Hanz Makmur – Sept 2009  • Updated May 2017

The following instruction will show you how to setup print queues on your MacOS X for Computer Science printers. In this example we will setup a printer named: Core3. If you plan to setup another printer, see list of available CS printers for details of your specific printer. Note:  If you need to  download HP printer driver for your MacOS X, you need to download HP Printer Drivers for OS X and install the driver first before continuing. Unless you are printing poster,  in general if you choose “Generic Postscript”, your job should print ok. if you want to use the driver for that specific printer, make sure the driver chose is a Postscript drive. Choosing otherwise will cause your print job to print wrong.  For poster  printer, please  download HP Printer Drivers for OS X  and choose HP DesignJet Z9 44 inch printer.

IMPORTANT: After setting up your printer driver, please send 1 simple test page to the printer to make sure your setup is correct before sending a large job.

To setup a print queue, follow the steps below:

Figure 1

  • Click on the Apple Menu then select System Preferences menu item as seen in Figure 1. to open System Preferences window.
  • A window will open. Look in the Hardware section and Click on the Print & Fax icon to open it as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

  • To add a new printer queue, click on the  icon at the bottom of the window.

Figure 3

  • A window as seen in Figure 3 will open. Now, you need to enter specific setttings for Core3 printer as follows:
    1. To set up a remote printer, click on the IP icon at the top bar.
    2. Under Protocol, select Line Printer Daemon-LPD. from the menu
    3. In the Address field enter*
    4. In the Queue field enter: core3 for the actual name of the printer
    5. In the Name: field, enter core3 (or any other name)
    6. Under Print Using: field, Select a driver to use by entering the type of printer you are setting up. In this case we enter: laserjet 9040
    7. A list of available drivers for the printer will show. For Core3 printer, select HP LaserJet 9040
    8. Click the Add button to complete the Queue creation.
    9. and go the options window.

Figure 4

  • An option window for your newly created queue will open as seen in Figure 4. Follow the steps below to setup options for your printer.
    1. Click on the Duplex check box to enable double sided printing
    2. Select 384-512MB for Total Printer memory. Core3 has lots of memory so make use of it to speed up your printing.
    3. Set Fit to Page option to Nearest Size and Scale to fit your print job to the available paper in the printer. In the case where you accidentally send an A4 papersize PDF file, the printer will automatically resize your print job to Letter size paper installed in our printers.
    4. Click Continue button to finish the printer setup. A dialog box will open asking you to enter your username and password. Enter them to complete this process.

This completes your driver installation for a printer named Core3 and you can now print to the new printer you just setup.

If you have problems or questions, please email