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Printing on iOS

Printing from iPhone/iPod Touch 3rd Generation and up/iPad

by Hanz Makmur – Dec 1, 2010
Due to issues with accountibility, this feature is no longer supported until iOS device can print with proper credential. Currently it prints as ‘guest’.
If you have a personal printer connected to your own computer, you can enable Airprint capability on that printer by running a special software. There are free solution and paid solution. For free solution, on a MacOS, download AirPrint Activator, and on Windows OS, download AirPrint Installer. Please note that anyone will be able to print to your printer from any iOS devices once this feature is turned on without password protection.
These instructions will show you how to print via LAWN from your iPhone, iPod Touch 3rd Generation and up or iPad with iOS 4.2 or better to Computer Science printers. To find out what version your device is running, in your Settings, select General, then About. To print from iOS devices, you need to look for the arrow icon on your mobile App as shown in the picture on the right.
  • Touch on the arrow icon to open a menu with Print option.
  • Touch on the Print menu to to open the Printer Options menu.