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Adding C/C++ Language Support to Eclipse for Java IDE

menu screenshot

By: Hanz Makmur – Modified on  Aug 16, 2018

Note: These steps will add software into your ~/.eclipse folder. Make sure you have enough disk space remains. 

This guide is not needed if you run your eclipse on CS Linux machines. We have separate Eclipse C/C++ installed on all machines and runs as eclipseC from command line.

By default, Eclipse for Java only  support Java language. This document show you how to add support for C/C++ language to Eclipse for Java IDE.  To add C/C++ Language support to  Eclipse, follow steps below:

1. Run Eclipse.

2. Click the Help menu and select Install New Software as show in picture on the right.

3. As show below, in the “Work with” drop down, if you are running : 

4. Once this is selected, the menu will be populated with  available option. It may take a few seconds to do so.  Please wait until it is finished.

5. Once populated, scroll down until you find Programming Languages.

6. Click  the triangle to expand the “Programming Languages” option

7. Click on the checkbox for  “C/C++ Development Tools” and other option as you desire.

Example screenshot for eclipse Neon

8. Click the Next button to review the license and install what you selected. 

9. Review the Licenses  and  Accept the terms of the license agreement  and click the Finish button to start installing the software. 

10. Once finished, you will be asked to restart your eclipse.

This completes the guide on how to add C/C++ Language to Eclipse. Please refer to the Help menu to learn more on how to use Eclipse with your language of choice.