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Department of Computer Science

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Homepage Manager

The CS Homepage Manager can configure the destination of your CS homepage URLs which are accessible off the main CS website.


The URLs above are determined by your University personalized email addresses.  You may configure them at “” by clicking “Manage Email Addresses” and editing the settings at “Personal Email Address“.  Changes to these settings take up to two hours to show up on the main CS website.

Within CS Homepage Manager application, you can then choose to serve the above URLs from one of the following destinations:

  • Public HTML
    Your CS homepage will serve the static content from the “public_html” directory in your home directory on your CS Linux domain account. To select this option, you must first set up your public_html directory.
  • WordPress
    Your CS homepage will serve your WordPress homepage. To select this option, you must first request a wordpress homepage.
  • Custom Redirect URL
    Your CS homepage will redirect visitors to a different external URL of your choosing. Note that the URL that visitors see in their address bar will no longer be, but this new URL instead.