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Department of Computer Science

Technical Services and Support

Filer Tmp

filer/tmp File Systems

This is a shared non backed up and no quota network storage. Everyone is on the honor system not to abuse the space there or fill the disks so no one else can get any work done. Should either filesystem fill or get dangerously near filling, we reserve the right to delete any files there to free up space.

Approximately once a semester, all files on these filesystems will be removed with prior one or two weeks of warning. If this causes problems for you, perhaps you are not using this space as intended.

This space is accessible from:

  • the iLab, Graduate, Faculty/Research machines at /filer/tmp2.
  • the Faculty/Research machines at /filter/tmp1.

    Usage on the filer is a matter of public record. All files on this space are deleted twice a year. Notices are set to {username}

    More details on the filer are contained in a warning file in the root of each filesystem called README.this-filesystem-is-not-backed-up.