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Managing Guest Users

Created August 15, 2017 by Hanz Makmur

Authorized faculty/staff can create a group and sponsor users access to CS computer system without needing to go through LCSR systems staff.  This document shows you how to manage your guest users in a group. If you want a group just to share files, the same tool can be used, but this page is specifically about groups that authorize guest users.

How to Sponsor Guests to Computer Science Systems
  1. Get a NetID
    If they do not already have a University NetID, they must get one at  Rutgers Guest Request System. There is a link for the guest to make the request, filling in necessary information. If you sponsor someone, an email will be sent to you for approval. For guests of the department, the department office will often do this process for you. You should ask the main office for this.
  2. Add NetID to Your Login group
    Once your guest has a NetID, you should go to the Group and Guest management and add that NetID to your group.  See Using the Group Management Tool section below to learn how.
  3. Access for iLab Cluster?
    If you created a loginable group for your machines, by default access is only given to machines in your group. If your guest need access to iLab resources, make sure your group also allows members of the group access to iLab clusters.
  4. Tell user to Activate CS iLab Account
    If you gave them access to iLab cluster, before a user can use iLab resources,  activation is required 
  5. Create a CS Password
    CS systems use the NetID for login, but with a separate CS password. if they forgot or don’t already have one, please  Set/Reset/Create a Computer Science password 
Annual Review of Guests by Sponsor

Please note to simplify the cleanup process, there is a yearly review requirement where group owner is required to review group membership. At this time,

  1. the sponsor is sent an email message asking for a yearly review.
  2. If there is no response for 2 weeks, a second message is sent.
  3. After 2 more weeks with no response, a third message is sent and the group is suspended.
  4. Once suspended, group members will get a warning email that his/her account on the cluster specified in the group will be closed within 30 days. In addition, on a specialized system, members will no longer able to login.
Using the Group Management Tool

To start managing your users and groups. You need to login with your NetID and CS Password.

Depending on what groups you already own, once login, you may be presented with a list of groups own. Shown below are example Groups.

group management

Different Types of Groups

As shown above, there are 3 different types of groups.

    1.  conference is suspended group. Members of this group can’t not login to any cluster until the account member is reviewed.
    2.  cs431-ta is a file sharing group only. Filesharing group allows you to share files or directory to  group.  See  Making a Directory You can Share With Members of your Project for more details.
    3. login-ilab-gpu is loginable group. Members of this group can login to cluster assigned in the group.

Making changes or reviewing your group

To review or make changes to your existing group, click on the name of the group. Once clicked, you will see familar screen as the one you use to create the group. Make the changes you need and click on the submit button.

Adding a group.

If you have no existing group or would like to create a new group, go to Add Group section, add a new group.

Adding a loginable group

If you want a group that can be used to login to your group machines, create a loginable group by checking [x] Login  when adding a group in managing your users and groups page. Once this group is created, please notify us to use this loginable group to limit  your machines to your groups.

For more introduction information, please refers to your guests the following info:

– Getting Started with Technical Resource at Department of Computer Science
– Introduction to Computer Science Resources

For help with our systems or If you need immediate assistant, visit LCSR Operator at CoRE 235 or call 848-445-2443. Otherwise, see CS HelpDesk. Don’t forget to include your NetID along with descriptions of your problem.