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Public HTML

Computer Science students, faculty and staff may publish a personal website accessible from the main computer science website at “” (with netid replaced with your specific netid).

For faculty and projects, it may be better to use our WordPress System.

This document outlines how to do so using static HTML pages in a public_html folder on a CS Linux domain account.

First, you must have a Computer Science compute domain account (such as a CS iLab Linux or CS Faculty Linux account).

$ ssh
This ilab1.cs machine is using CS password server.  If you have not done so,
"Activate" and "Set your CS password" at
Start by creating a folder called “public_html” with the proper permissions in /common/web. You should already have a directory there. You can verify it using
netid@ilab$ ls -ld /common/web/$USER
drwx--x--x 2 netid allusers 2 Jun  7 15:15 /common/web/netid
You will find it convenient to change to that directory before doing further commands
netid@ilab$ cd /common/web/$USER
Now create your public_html directory and set it so that others can read it:
netid@ilab$ mkdir public_html
netid@ilab$ chmod a+x public_html
If you want users to see a directory listing of what’s in public_html, rather than having an index page, you’ll need to set permissions that allow read, e.g.
netid@ilab$ chmod 755 public_html
You may then add HTML files within that directory to be served online from your website, e.g.
netid@ilab:~$ cat > public_html/index.html
Hello World!
Make sure all files have world readable permissions.
netid@ilab:~$ chmod a+r public_html/index.html
netid@ilab:~$ ls -l public_html/index.html
drwxr--r--  5 netid allusers  4096 Oct 26 16:49 public_html/index.html
Your file should now be viewable from a web browser at “”.  See online for other tutorials on HTML.