Instructional Lab

Last modified:  Feb 18, 2019

The ilab includes

  • Three Linux Centos 7 servers, each with 1 TB of memory, 80 cores, and 8 Nvidia 1080Ti GPUs.
  • 47 desktop systems, in several rooms on the secord floor of Hill Center
  • An instructional Hadoop cluster
  • A single system,, running Ubuntu 18. It has 64 GB of memory and 20 cores. It is available just for courses that use software that’s not avaialble on Centos. This system doesn’t have X2Go set up. If you want a grahical interface, you should use Microsoft Remote Desktop to access it.

    See Student systems for more information on how to use these systems.


  • If you are new to CS Resources, see Beginners info
  • For users who are have issues with logging in or access, please go to Core 211 between 10:30a-5pm to resolve your issues. If you own it, please bring your laptop
  • All iLab machines in Hill Center 252 and 254 were reinstalled in Jan 2019.  If you had previously logged in on these machines via ssh client you will get error below.
    To login, please remove your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file or edit the file and remove the host entry you are trying to login to.
  • For students learning to program with fork,  see  Preventing Fork Bomb on Linux 
  • Attention CS416 students. Please be aware that fuse mount point must be set in /tmp/ or /freespace/local/ or your program will hang. The reason: root has no access to home dir and fuse is run setuid root.
  • Please be aware that iLab machines have a new CPU Limit policy enforced limitation to prevent abuse and runaway processes. 
  • Dropbox  No longer works due to new requirement of glibc 2.19 or higher and ext4 file system as of Oct 15 2018. Use Scarletmail Google Drive. You have unlimited space there instead of 2GB from Dropbox.
  • If you have issue connecting to CS machines, make sure to check if your IP is blocked and how to get around the block.
  • Starting Fall 2018, all users should be using a machine named: which will randomly pick ilab1.cs, ilab2.cs or ilab3.cs. See iLab Machine Status to find status of all iLab servers and iLab desktop machines.
  • If you are using python, please follow Using Python on CS Linux machines instruction or many modules wont load properly.
  • If you are doing big data with Hadoop, Please see CS Hadoop Cluster information page.
  • Announcing a new 100GB disk space available for every user and can be accessed at/common/users/your_netid. See  Storage and Technology Options for more info. (July 30, 2018)
  • For those users who use emacs on x2go, please use: emacs-23.1 to avoid compatibility issue.
  • There are reports that some people have Keyring issue. Try to use your NetID password to unlock it. If you continue to have problem,  follow this QuickFix to Gnome Keyring Password instruction.

Finding a Computer to Use

  • We recommend remote users to use machine named: which will randomly pick ilab1.cs, ilab2.cs or ilab3.cs. If you prefer other machines, please  look at the usage graphs to find other iLab machines.
  • If you have issue with specific iLab machine, report it to, check  Status of iLab Machines and pick a different machine.

Using iLab Machines in Hill 248,  Hill 252 and Hill 254

To use CS iLab Machines, we recommend:

Home Pages for Students

You can setup your own university homepages or iLab home pages. This homepage needs to be stored in world readablepublic_html folder (~netid/public_html) and is accessible via http://

Getting Help

1. If you have issues with any CS computing resources

2. If you have issues with Non CS computing resources